Impossible. Driven.


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Challenging Everything

Power BHP


An Icon Reimagined

“Everything has been approached afresh. It truly is thinking from the ground, up.”

– Marek Reichman
EVP and Chief Creative Officer

Radical Aerodynamics

The striking aerodynamic exterior and open underfloor maximise downforce and harness the atmosphere around Valkyrie. All-carbon fibre bodywork carries Aston Martin’s trademark upper grille outline before flowing into a radical body shape that is utterly honed for performance.

Track Performance on the Streets

Valkyrie comes as close as possible to being a Formula One ® car without being restricted to the track. Its rebellious technology is the direct result of our partnership with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technology with all the Aston Martin hallmarks of cleverly crafted luxury.

Engineering and Performance

Space-age Engineering

Aston Martin Valkyrie pushes the boundaries of performance; a remarkable journey in engineering to make the impossible, possible.

Roberto Fedeli
Chief Technical Officer

Exceptionally Lightweight

There is not one single steel component in Valkyrie’s structure. It is 100% carbon fibre, minimising load while pushing the power:weight ratio to the max.

Outlandish Speed

Valkyrie’s otherworldly performance comes from the 6.5-litre V12 engine developed with Cosworth. Not what you’d call a traditional hybrid, this V12 is torque-enhanced during take-off and uses the electric motor for a power boost. Any faster and it would fly.

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