AutoIndustriya: One unit of Aston Martin Valkyrie is coming to PH

Supercars have become a common sight on Philippine roads. Everytime you hang around BGC, Alabang or even Tagaytay on a Sunday morning, there's a high chance you're bound to see Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMW Ms and Porsches driving around, or even parked along the fancy cafes on those areas.However, it's a different story when it comes to hypercars. Even more so, the track-only versions like the Ferrari FXX K, the McLaren Senna, and the Lamborghini SCV12, as they're not considered street-legal... at least in other countries.Car spotting fans in the country are going to like this: a track-only hypercar is coming to the Philippines via Aston Martin Manila, the authorized and official Aston Martin dealership in the country.

Article and photos were posted by AutoIndustriya on July 6, 2002.